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Update: 3 Months After Prison Cell Suicide, Woman Who Murdered Her Husband Proclaims Her Innocence From Beyond The Grave

Photo Copyright © 2017 Channel 4 via The Daily Mail

A young woman who killed herself after being sentenced to 25 years in prison for pushing her husband out of a 25th floor window in 2011 is proclaiming her innocence from beyond the grave.

25-year-old Amber Hilberling has been featured in a new documentary called Women Who Kill, which was reportedly filmed before her shocking suicide last year.

Nearly six years ago, when she was just 19 years old, Hilberling was accused of pushing her husband, Josh, out of a 25th story window during a heated argument.

From the time she was arrested until the day she died, Hilberling swore that she had acted in self-defense by killing her allegedly abusive husband.

In the documentary, Hilberling claims that she and Josh had been fighting when he suddenly attacked her.

At her trial, CCTV footage showed Hilberling admitting to her grandmother that she had pushed Josh out of the window during their argument.

In what would turn out to be her last televised words, Hilberling claims the media wrongly portrayed her husband as a villain.

“I've never tried to make it sound like he is the big bad wolf and I'm little Red Riding Hood that is running for her life, it wasn't like that,” she said on camera. “We were both young and we were both selfish in our emotions because we were young, and I think if it had happened later on in life when we were both a little bit more grown up, I think it would have been happily ever after.”

Hilberling’s mother, Rhonda, also claims her daughter was painted “as an aggressor” in the relationship, despite the fact that Josh was kicked out of the military for manufacturing drugs.

Hilberling was found dead in her Oklahoma jail cell back in October. She leaves behind one son, Levi, who is now 5.

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