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Teacher's Aide Takes Time Off Work For Cancer Surgery. Then School Finds Out What He Really Did Months Earlier

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A teacher’s aide in Texas has been accused of faking a cancer diagnosis so he could secretly take time off of work to face charges in West Virginia.

Back in October, 56-year-old Kevin MaBone pleaded guilty to misappropriating federal funds.

According to WFAA, at the time of his arrest, MaBone had just recently been hired by Mesquite ISD and worked at Wilkinson Middle School.

So, instead of telling the school district about the charges against him, MaBone came up with an elaborate plan to take time off work when he needed to be in court.

According to authorities, in December, MaBone told the school that he had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The staff and students immediately stepped up to help MaBone, raising $10,000 to help with his medical expenses and even presenting the beloved teacher’s aide with a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis on Friday.

MaBone reportedly thanked his coworkers for all the donations, which would no doubt help him when it came time for his big surgery this week.

According to WFAA, MaBone took four days off for the supposed surgery—just enough time to face his charges in West Virginia.

Principal Leslie Feinglas that she instantly knew something was up when MaBone called her on Monday to say he was cancer-free.

"That was a major red flag," Feinglas said.

A quick search of MaBone’s name online pulled up his guilty plea in West Virginia.

As WFAA reports, Mesquite ISD said a federal criminal background check when MaBone was first hired back in August revealed only a bankruptcy and lien filing 10 years ago.

Director of District Communications Laura Jobe does not yet know why the district was not informed of MaBone’s guilty plea in October.

Feinglas is now working with GoFundMe to reimburse the parents and students who donated to MaBone.

Authorities say MaBone confessed to misappropriating funds in 2014 and 2015 while he worked at a job corps center in Charleston.

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