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She Was Accused Of Setting Up Creepy 'Rape Fantasies' For Her Ex-Boyfriend's Wife On Craigslist. 6 Months Later, The Shocking Truth Is Coming Out

Photo Copyright © 2016 Jeff Gritchen/The Orange County Register/AP Photo via PEOPLE

A California woman who claimed to authorities that her husband’s ex-girlfriend had sent men on Craigslist to rape her has been arrested for making up the entire story.

Michelle Hadley, of Ontario, was arrested in July, accused of harassing 31-year-old Angela Diaz and contacting strangers on Craigslist while pretending to be Diaz.

According to PEOPLE, Hadley was accused of impersonating Diaz, her ex-boyfriend’s new wife, online so that she could sent strange men to Diaz’s house to act out their “rape fantasies.”

To back up her claims, Diaz showed police emails in which Hadley had allegedly threatened to have her raped and murdered repeatedly.

Police then found “rape fantasy” ads on Craigslist that seemed to show Hadley posing as Diaz and talking to strange men.

Diaz later told authorities that men had started showing up to her house to engage in rape fantasies and she was beginning to fear for her life.

Hadley was quickly arrested last summer, and the case soon made headlines across the nation.

Then, on Monday, the case took a shocking turn when authorities announced that Hadley had been exonerated of all charges and that Diaz made up all her accusations.

“Ms. Hadley is an innocent victim of a diabolical scheme,” Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced in a statement.

According to investigators, Diaz posed as Hadley on Craigslist in a desperate attempt to have her indicted on a slew of serious charges.

The threatening emails that Hadley had allegedly sent to Diaz were also found on Diaz’s own electronic devices, police say.

“Obviously, this has been a huge nightmare for me, probably the most traumatic experience of my life,” Hadley said on Monday, according to the Associated Press. “I’m glad it’s finally over, and I can move on.”

Throughout the whole ordeal, police also believe Diaz faked a pregnancy to garner even more sympathy from authorities.

At this time, Diaz’s motive for the setup remains unclear.

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