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Realtor Goes To Show Property To A Client, But Never Returns Home. 18 Months Later, They Find His Body — And His Friend Is Their Main Suspect

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Investigators have announced that they have found the remains of an Arizona realtor who disappeared while showing a property in 2015.

According to ABC15, the Kingman Police Department said investigators from several agencies, including the FBI and Mohave County Sheriff's Office have found what they believe to be the human remains of Sidney Cranston.

In a news release on Tuesday, officials said that while they have yet to make a positive identification, they are confident that they will finally be able to give Cranston’s family the closure they desperately need.

The Mohave County Medical Examiner's Office has also determined that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head, leading investigators to officially call this case a homicide.

Cranston’s father told reporters that after all this time, the news came as a relief to his family.

"I'm just grateful that the FBI did step in and keep things moving," said Sid Cranston, Sr. "We don't have to wonder where Sid is anymore."

Cranston was last seen alive on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in the area of Interstate 40 and Stockton Hill Road.

Investigators say Cranston was believed to have been showing an unknown property to a client around the time that he disappeared.

According to authorities, shortly before Cranston went missing, he reportedly had lunch with his friend and contractor, Al Blanco.

Blanco later told investigators that Cranston left lunch to go meet his clients before heading off to Mexico, where he planned on spending some time with his fiancée.

Although investigators are currently not releasing many details about the investigation, they have revealed that Blanco has officially been named a suspect in Cranston’s disappearance and death.

Kingman police say Blanco is currently being treated in a care facility for a very serious health issue, according to ABC 15.

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