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Mom Forces Adopted Daughter Into Attic, Where Boyfriend Does Unspeakable Things To Her. 5 Months Later, He Can't Keep This Secret Any Longer

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Over the weekend, Sara Packer and her boyfriend were charged with the murder of her adopted daughter, who went missing last July.

According to CBS News, Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan, of Abington, Pennsylvania, were finally arrested after Sullivan admitted to the murder while in the hospital for a shocking suicide attempt.

Authorities say the couple tortured and murdered Packer’s adopted daughter, 14-year-old Grace Packer, so they could act out Sullivan’s disturbing rape and murder fantasy.

As reports, authorities later learned that Sullivan violently raped Grace while her mother watched for her own sexual pleasure.

Packer and Sullivan kept Grace alive for days before drugging her with pills and leaving her in a sweltering attic, where she suffocated to death.

Investigators say that the twisted pair then left Grace’s body in the attic for four months, leaving cat litter in the attic to mask the smell.

According to police, the couple became concerned about being caught in October, when authorities visited their residence, and then decided to dismember Grace to better conceal her body.

“This was a sexual fantasy that was shared between Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer, and Grace Packer was the object of that rape-murder fantasy,” Bucks County District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub said.

The couple allegedly scattered Grace's remains on a road in Luzerne County, two hours north of Philadelphia, before two hunters found them and called the police.

For months after the horrific murder, Packer pretended Grace was alive and continued collecting her monthly checks of $712 for taking care of the teen.

When questioned by police later, Packer said Grace had run away after stealing $300 from her.

“After they murdered her, they maintained the pretense of Grace being alive so that they could continue to profit off of her existence,” Weintraub said.

Both Sullivan and Packer are now facing a slew of serious charges, including homicide.

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