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In 2007, Alec Kreider Slaughtered A Classmate's Family For Absolutely No Reason. Nearly 10 Years Later, He's Been Found Dead In Prison

Photo Copyright © 2017 AP Photo via The Daily Mail

Nearly 10 years after breaking into a classmate’s home and slaughtering almost his entire family, Alec Kreider has reportedly killed himself in prison.

The 25-year-old was found hanging in his cell on Friday at the state prison in Camp Hill, Cumberland County Deputy Coroner Jeff Miller said on Monday.

Although staff members at the prison desperately tried to revive him, Kreider was reportedly pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kreider was just 16 years old when he brutally murdered Kevin Haines and his parents, Thomas and Lisa Haines, at their home in Lancaster County.

The Haines’ daughter, a college student at the time of the 2007 killings, was the only person in the house who made it out alive.

She later told police that she heard a struggle in her brother’s bedroom before running to her parents’ room, where her mother told her to get help.

The couple’s daughter then raced to a neighbor’s house to call authorities, according to The Daily Mail.

Kreider entered the family’s home with a 4-inch hunting knife around 2 a.m. in May 2007, ready to kill.

According to reports, Kreider and Kevin were both 10 graders at the same school, but it’s unclear if they were actually friends.

At his 2008 trial, Kreider was asked to give the community a reason for the disturbing attacks, to which he replied: “There is none.”

Kreider told the judge he had been taking medication for depression, medication that he continued to take.

Kreider's father, Tim, told Lancaster news outlets in 2014 that when his son confessed, he “never gave a motive ... only said something about Kevin annoying him lately.”

In June 2008, Kreider pleaded guilty to first-degree murder charges and was sentenced to three consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole.

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