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Homeowner Finds 'Old, Yellowed' Newspaper Hidden Among Debris In Her Basement. When She Opens It Up, She Calls The Police Immediately

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A family in Montreal is making headlines after they discovered the decades-old skeletal remains of an infant in their basement.

According to CBC News, the owner of the Montreal home told authorities that she had just hired contractors to remove old ceiling panels in the basement furnace room, when they discovered the child’s skeletal remains.

The owner revealed that the contractor found the bones among the debris. They were wrapped in a very old, yellowed newspaper.

"He was almost going to scoop it up and throw it in the garbage, then he took a second look," said the homeowner, who asked not to be identified.

Once he realized what he had stumbled upon, the contractor yelled for the woman to come downstairs immediately.

Needless to say, she was completely stunned by the discovery.

"Being in the medical field, I could clearly see it was an infant — my guess, quite premature. It was very tiny. Not normal size. And very, very old," the owner said.

According to CBC News, authorities were called immediately and an investigation has since been launched.

"We know for a fact those bones are pretty old," said Montreal police Const. Jean-Pierre Brabant.

At this time, police have found absolutely nothing inside the house that indicates a crime took place there.

Geneviève Guilbault, spokeswoman for the Quebec coroner's office, confirmed in an email that the bones are human.

It will be difficult to find much else out about the remains because they are so old, authorities say.

Although the new homeowner says she doesn’t remember much about the “very old” newspaper that the bones were wrapped in, one clue did stick out to her when she saw the yellowed paper.

At least one of the ads in the paper was selling something for just 25 cents.

"When was the last time something has been advertised for 25 cents?" she asked.

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