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Exactly 11 Years Ago Today, Jennifer Kesse Got Ready For Work And Disappeared. 2 Days Later, A Mystery Suspect Was Seen Dumping Her Car — Does That Person Hold The Key To Solving This Case?

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On January 24, 2006, Jennifer Kesse vanished after leaving her condo for work, never to be seen or heard from again.

In the 11 years since Jennifer disappeared, her family and friends have never given up hope that they may one day get the answers they desperately want.

The shocking missing person case began on the morning of January 24th. Judging by the state of her condo, investigators concluded that the 24-year-old finance manager had in fact gotten ready for work on the morning she disappeared.

Authorities later asserted that because Jennifer’s front door was locked when the police arrived, she was likely abducted while walking to her car.

Although Jennifer’s boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, and her co-workers were all investigated, authorities soon ruled them all out as suspects.

At the time of her disappearance, Jennifer’s condominium complex was undergoing plenty of construction.

According to family and friends, Jennifer complained on multiple occasions that the construction workers outside her building often catcalled her and made her feel uncomfortable.

Because most of the workers were undocumented immigrants, it proved nearly impossible for authorities to properly track down and interview all the men.

Two days after Jennifer was reported missing, her car was found parked in another condominium complex about one mile away from her own.

Surveillance footage from the complex showed an unidentified individual dropping off the car around noon on the day Jennifer went missing before walking away.

The “person of interest” has never been identified, but family and friends did not recognize the individual when they viewed the footage. The person was anywhere between 5’3” and 5’5” in height.

After more than a decade, Jennifer’s parents understand that it is not likely that their daughter is still alive, but they want to bring her home more than anything.

"It doesn't matter, at least to this father, the condition Jennifer is in anymore," Jennifer’s father, Drew Kesse, said last year. "I hate to say that [but] it's time for Jennifer to come home."

On Tuesday, the Orlando Police Department tweeted a missing poster of Jennifer, and said "homicide detectives continue to investigate and will not give up."

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