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4 Years After Complaining About 'Bad Blacks' In Her Neighborhood, Woman Turns Her Gun On A Teenage Boy

Photo Copyright © 2017 Macon Police via The Daily Mail

Nearly four years after participating in an interview in which she racially profiled black residents in her neighborhood, a Georgia woman has been arrested for shooting a black teenager in the head.

According to The Daily Mail, 47-year-old Elisabeth Faye Cannon has been charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly fired at 15-year-old Vernon Marcus Jr., striking him in the head.

Cannon reportedly told police later that Marcus and several other teens had been throwing rocks at her house for at least a week straight before she grabbed her gun and started shooting.

“She didn't mean to hit one of them,” Bibb sheriff's Sgt. Pamela Williams said, adding that Cannon had called to report “three black males” who had “been throwing rocks at her house three days prior to this incident.”

“Miss Cannon had basically said that if they come back in her yard or in her area, she was gonna shoot them. And less than three to four hours later, we get a call (about a shooting),” Williams added.

One of the teens that was with Marcus at the time of the shooting, however, told police a completely different story when he was interviewed.

According to the teen, “they had walked to the store and was walking back to their house,” when Cannon had suddenly started shooting at them, eventually striking Marcus.

The young man also told Williams that Cannon had viciously screamed racial slurs at them and accused them of breaking into her house in the past.

Cannon says she was terrified of the young men and only shot in their direction to scare them off.

Although Cannon claims race played absolutely no role in the shooting, the Macon Telegraph has dug up a previous interview they did with Cannon back in 2013.

In the interview, Cannon reportedly spoke of her concerns about the safety off her neighborhood.

“I have some really good black neighbors. But the good blacks won't get onto the bad blacks,” Cannon said. “You try not to profile, but at the same time, 99.9 per cent of the crime is gonna be, most often, a black male. ...The good blacks are too busy. They walk by your house, they won't give it a second look. ...You can tell if they're just out walking for exercise or going to the store or whether they're up to something.”

While being interviewed about the shooting, Sheriff David Davis told WMAZ that Cannon’s use of force “may have been excessive.”

“To use a firearm to, quote, ‘scare somebody,’ or to send a message can have disastrous results and that's what we've seen here, but you never know the kind of people you're dealing with,” Davis said. “It is a cautionary tale. In no way did the 15-year-old victim deserve to have what happened to him, but then also, you have to think of the mindset of the person who did the shooting.”

As of Wednesday night, Marcus was in critical but stable condition.


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